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Dan Shaerf private hand and wrist surgeon london

Mr Dan Shaerf


Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Specialising in Hand & Wrist Surgery

Royal College of Surgeons
Imperial College London
International Wrist Arthroscopy Society
London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust
The British Society for Surgery of the Hand
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About Mr Shaerf

Mr Dan Shaerf is a Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in Hand & Wrist Surgery. He regularly treats both adult and paediatric patients. His NHS practice is at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust. Privately he practices at The Wellington Hospital (HCA) and The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth in St John's Wood, North London; The Fortius Clinic in the heart of the City of London and at The Clementine Churchill Hospital (Circle) in Harrow, North West London.


Mr Shaerf regularly sees professional sportspeople, musicians and children. He has a particular interest in thumb and wrist arthritis and uses cutting edge joint replacement technology. He is dedicated to providing excellent care which is tailored to the needs of his patients. He is happy to guide patients through non-operative management or surgery if required. He leads a specialised team with the goal of improving function and reducing pain.

Mr Shaerf is a member of The Hand Doctor Group Practice and works closely with specialist consultant colleagues to ensure his patient's get the best possible care for their condition.

Conditions Treated

Hand and wrist trauma including: fractures, tendon and ligament injuries

  • All aspects of trauma including distal radius, scaphoid and other carpal bones, metacarpals, phalanges

  • Non-union and corrective realignment surgery

  • Wrist and finger ligament injuries

  • Finger and wrist dislocations

  • Paediatric hand and wrist trauma

Nerve surgery

  • Median nerve compression (Carpal tunnel syndrome and pronator syndrome)

  • Ulnar nerve compression (cubital tunnel and guyon’s canal syndrome)

  • Radial nerve compression

Tendon injury and dysfunction

  • Trigger finger

  • DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis

  • Intersection syndrome

Arthritis of the fingers, hand and wrist

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Post-traumatic arthritis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Inflammatory arthritis

Ganglia and management of other lumps and bumps

  • Ganglion

  • Mucous cysts

  • Giant cell tumours

Joint Replacement surgery

  • Thumb base replacement

  • Wrist replacement

  • Finger joint replacement

Dupuytren’s disease

  • Injections

  • Percutaneous release

  • Open release (fasciectomy)

Sports injuries

  • Professional and Elite Athletes

  • Amateur sportspeople

  • Recreational players

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Image by Quino Al

I have recently undergone two thumb base replacement procedures, under the care of Mr Shaerf. Mr Shaerf is an incredible surgeon and carries out this revolutionary joint replacement technique, which has truly changed my life. The recovery period was well managed with physio and I chose to have the second surgery, as soon as three months after the first. I’m not that old (well, 54) and I couldn’t write properly, do up buttons or do some basic daily tasks due to the pain in my thumbs. I had stopped going to the gym and I was even struggling to type and text. It got me down. Mr Shaerf provided very clear information and options to me, to enable me to make an informed decision. He’s a truly nice very caring person, he’s honest and open. The results are just amazing, recovery was fairly painless for me and I started to regain movement under the watchful eye of Mr Shaerf and a specialist hand therapist. I can now write, I can do buttons, I can start to live life again. It’s like a miracle for me! Please don’t hesitate to see Mr Shaerf - he’s kind, compassionate, a true expert in his field and very professional. Thank you!

Dr Shaerf recently operated on my hand at Eailing hospital and the care he has provided has been absolutely excellent. I was concerned that due to the injury sustained that I may not have full use of my hand again, but Dr Shaerf talked me through my options and advised me of how we could achieve the best result possible. Having surgery is naturally a worrying time but I was made to feel completely at ease and all of my questions were thoroughly answered. I have private medical insurance in place but following my first consultation with Dr Shaerf he filled me with such confidence that I opted to stay under his care. I am delighted with the results of the surgery and am now on the road to recovery... I cannot thank Dr Shaerf enough for his patience and expertise!

He is quite a remarkable man - a great surgeon. But mostly the ‘man’ himself is hugely praiseworthy. He has an ability to look you straight in the eyes, gives you what could be devastating news but at the same time giving such reassurance that you know you are in great hands. Working closely with my oncologist he performed terrific surgery on my finger, leaving the neatest scar - a work of art!

But mostly I was able to watch an ‘artist’ at work, someone who paid enormous respect to his team - from the lowest to the highest member, who was gentle, kind and considerate to all around him, not forgetting the patient!

I can’t praise Mr. Shaerf enough - as a person and as a surgeon.

I had surgery on my right hand. Dr Shaerf explained what the surgery would be like and recovery period. He was very patient and took time to make sure I understood. He was very caring and helpful. My hand is healing very well all thanks to Dr Shaerf. I thank you once again for all the care and support you showed to me, before and after surgery.

I wanted to take the time to write a review for this amazing doctor. After my teen son broke his wrist not long before he was due to take his GCSE exams - I reached out to several hand specialists and Mr Shaerf was the first to respond. In fact days later when the other surgeons started to get in contact with me - we had already met with Mr Shaerf. Mr Shaerf has continued to be speedy, accommodating, knowledgably and charming throughout. He also offers late night appointments which have been handy so my son did not have to miss too much school. Don't bother looking elsewhere - contact Mr Shaerf first - he is a very dedicated and experienced surgeon and if you pardon the will be in safe hands.

Mr Dan Shaerf Consultant Hand & Wrist Surgeon
The Hand Doctor Group Practice
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